Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IndiJoe's RMZ infinity, OLD Madras Road, Bangalore

I am statring with a restaurant review....

Indijoes.... its owned by the BJN group, which also owns a bunch of restaurants(sahib singh sultan, angeeti, Bombay Post, Firangi Pani.. Etc..) .

All these restaurants are self claimed as 'fine dine' ( Read it Pricey )

Me and my husband had been to this place yesterday and my overall experience can be rated a 'very good'
(ratings being Excellent, Very Good, Good, Worst, Worse)
 Wha is served ? Pizza, Pasta, Sizzlers, Cocktails, Mocktails, Desserts ( all have a huge variety )

Decor            : Resto.
Tables, chairs : Quite comfortable
Staff               : Cordial and very helping
Music             : Little Loud....u need to shout over your plate to make ur friends hear you....
                        (Not very suitable for a romantic dinner/Lunch )
 Food             : Sizzlers are excellent, quite huge portions
                        ( if u r ordering one sizzler per person, make sure  your are as hungry as you can be )
                        Mocktail : Good
                        Dessert   : Excellent
Price              : Quite Expensive

What we had : 1. spicy chicken sizzler with soft nooodle :
                           This sizzler had 2 huge chicken breast peices on the first layer
                           tasty sause, soft noodles, french fries and loads of veggies like beans, peppers, peas
                       2. Triple deck vegan sizzler:
                           Sauce tasted something very much like a sweet and hot tomato sauce.
                           First layer was crispy noodles, and then fried rice, then again crispy noodles.
                           Had French fries and loads of veggies.
                    P.S: Please make sure to go till the last layer…
                            You will find caramelized onions…. They are stuck to the sizzler plate…
                           Don’t feel shy; scrap the hell out of that plate….. And you will never regret it….
                            Those onions are crispy and yummy…..
                 3. Double sizzling brownie:
                    By the time we finished the sizzler, we were rather feeling heavy and very drowsy…..
                   But when I was reading the menu initially, I could not stop myself from going to the Dessert Menu….
                I tried telling myself, “you are feeling full, don’t order for a dessert “
                I gave in to my tempations, turned a deaf ear to my dear hubby and ordered for a sizzling brownie….
              Good Gracious, it was a huge brownie, cut into 2 triangles , 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of whipped cream.
The steward dutifully poured a cupful of Choc√≥ sauce over it…..

I took the first bite and ‘HEAVEN’

The twist for this brownie was the salted butter they had poured first thing on the plate before placing the brownie…..
The slightly salty, soft, warm and yummmmmm brownie.

A dessert can never be bad!!!!

They do have a Lunch Buffet (serves continental, Pizzas, Indian and desserts)
Mon-Thu: 275
Fri - Sun: 295

This place is a must visit….

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