Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lahsun Chutney

I tasted this chutney from my roomie a few years ago, she used to get it in small zip lock bags and it used to disappear in no time. I got the recipe from Janhavi's ( The roomie )mom... she is an amazing cook.. and we had the best food when we visited them in Mumbai.this chutney almost tastes like the south Indian ground nut podi, But it had a very distinct smell and taste of garlic... So is the name lahsun chutney.. A very popular accompaniment in Maharashtra… it can be had with any Indian meal. You can use it a spread on your sandwiches also…


1 full dry coconut
¼ cup peanuts
10 dry red chilies (modify according to spice tolerance)
15 small cloves of garlic (if using large cloves, cut down to 10)
2 tsp sugar
Salt to taste

Break the coconut into small bite sized pieces. Dry roast separately the coconut till it is golden brown, dry roast the peanuts, red chilies. Set aside to cool. Remove the skins of the peanuts. Meanwhile peel the garlic. Put all the ingredients in a mixer grinder and pulse to a fine powder. Store in an airtight container.

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